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AMMA 1981, Têxtil S.A .

About Us

With origins dating back to 1981, but reborn in 2017, AMMA 1981 is a clothing company, focused on the tailoring industry, based in the municipality of Arganil.

Focused above all on customer service, AMMA and its 180 employees work to serve everyone, from professionals looking for a partner to develop their business to clients searching for their own custom-made suit.

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Bespoke Suits

AMMA 1981 offers a bespoke suit service, offering a custom experience to each client, where the fabric and all the ornaments can be chosen according to each person's personal taste. 

The process begins with a professional who records all measurements, gives personalized advice, and follows up until the end. We also guarantee the delivery of a unique suit, designed to your specifications in just 2 weeks, and at competitive prices.

Get in touch and allow us to create the perfect piece for you, whether for a special occasion or for your professional day-to-day life.

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Men's Clothing

We work with the best fabrics and the best professionals in confection. Men's suits, trousers, shorts, jackets, blazers and overcoats.

Women's Clothing

With the same accuracy and dedication, we make coats, blazers, overcoats, trousers, skirts and shorts for women.

Made-to-Measure Suits

A suit designed and chosen by you down to the last detail.



1. Modeling

Modeling comprises the elaboration of the molds to be made. First, the model is molded in the base size and, subsequently, the grading of each of the molds that make up the model and their sizes is made.

After that, the prototype is made, which will correspond to the piece that will be produced. This allows us to verify the best options in terms of materials and possible adjustments.

2. Cut

The cutting sector is fundamental in the production process, in order for this to be done quickly and efficiently. Our team of professionals has at your disposal the best equipment to provide the best product quality in cutting, and precision in the measures of each piece.

3. Confection

AMMA1981 makes its own production using the best technology and equipment on the market, the professionalism and deep knowledge of its employees, thus achieving the highest level of product quality, developing all the pieces guaranteeing their objectives and parameters. of quality or your customers.

4. Finishing

The finishing is fundamental in the final aspect of the product where the various components are analyzed in detail: measurement control, production quality, control of accessories and applications, and many others. The pieces are supervised and checked to guarantee their quality.


With a lot of experience and know-how in the textile market, we are happy to work with several renowned brands, always having as a commitment to our quality and excellence, we work with the best materials, we optimize our production methods with cutting-edge technology and we offer solutions of quality so that all products produced are of excellence.

We work with the best, for the best.

Experience and know-how in textile and clothing sector


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Pretendemos oferecer produtos feitos totalmente em Portugal, garantindo um nível de alta qualidade na gama de alfaiataria. Queremos ser produtores de eleição para todos aqueles que valorizam a qualidade e a mão-de-obra nacional.

AMMA 1891 pretends to guarantee all the stages of the production process, developing the best manufacturing processes and using high quality of raw materials, joining the best production technology to creativity, generating value, guaranteeing quality, character, social and environmental sustainability. With a dedicated team and an excellent know-how we put all our efforts to maximize the quality levels of your textile products and solutions.


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da Relvinha
3300-416 Arganil
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